Policy statement of the Lafasi Marine Company on issues of Safety and Environmental Protection

For accomplishing all the above the LAFASI M.C declares its commitment to the principles and the regulations of the Safety Management System and it guarantees on the implementation of the following mentioned about the safety and the protection of the environment.

  • The protection of human life and property at sea by familiar and specific hazards and the collateralization of healthy and safe working conditions of the ship’s personnel.
  • The use of specialized and medical certified ship’s personnel so as to be qualified for the relevant work.
  • The maintenance of the Safety Equipment in good condition as well as the maximum familiarization of this equipment by the ship’s personnel.
  • The regular tests on board by using the safety equipment against all risks.
  • The established procedures of the company for safe navigation and the safety in general of the boat.
  • The confirmation of the personnel of the boat that they are aware of issues about the protection against the pollution and that they are aware and responsible for actions against all type of pollution as it is demanded by the national and international regulations.
  • The encouragement of the personnel so as to take all the necessary measures to avoid pollution
  • Handling the pollution through a response plan for pollution
  • The report to the management of the company for every cause of not complying regarding the pollution
  • Carrying out drills on a regular basis
  • Establishing procedures of evaluation and management of the hazards by checking them and ensure the improvement of these procedures so as the hazards relating to the functions of the Company, personnel property and the environment to be on a level <<AS MUCH AND PRACTICALLY LOW>>(ALARP)

The compliance with the above policy is obligatory by all the personnel of the company aboard ships and ashore regardless other policies and instructions that they may have been adopted and applied on different sections of the company.