Terms of Passenger Ticket

A’1. This ticket is individual, nominal, non-transferable and only valid for the trip for which it was issued. A’2. The fare does not include a refund. A.3. The passenger must be at the ship’s boarding place one (1) hour before departure. If he does not catch the departure, he is not entitled to a refund of the fare, while if he declares before the departure his intention not to make the trip for any reason, he is entitled to a refund of the entire fare. A.4. Children up to 4 years old travel for free. Children from 4-10 years pay half the ticket. A.5. The full ticket holder is entitled to carry his luggage free of charge. A.6. In case of loss of the ticket, its price is not refunded. A.7. If the passenger has kept his luggage, the ship owner is not responsible for any damage or loss. A.8. The ship owner company is not responsible for any delay in the route, deviation and non-compliance with normal course due to bad weather conditions or orders of the YEN or the Port Authorities or due to force majeure. A.9. Passengers are prohibited from carrying explosive, flammable, incendiary and generally hazardous materials. A.10.The passengers are responsible for the observance of the Port, Sanitary and Customs provisions. A.11. Passengers must comply with the instructions of the master and the crew regarding the observance of order and the safety of the ship. A.12. For any complaints during the voyage, passengers must contact the captain or master of the ship and after the end of the voyage the shipping company or the Port Authorities. A.13. If for any reason the trip is canceled through the fault of the ship, the ticket price is refunded without any other obligation of the ship owner company to the passenger. A.14. The ship owner company has the right, after the approval of YEN, to replace the ship, for which this ticket was issued, with another ship.

Vehicle Transfer Certificate Terms

B.1. The driver is prohibited from loading his vehicle without the issuance and display of the corresponding ticket. B.2. Vehicles must be in the waiting area one (1) hour before departure and in any case at the time specified by the applicable Port Regulations. B.3 The driver is not entitled to a refund of the fare if he does not anticipate the departure of the ship, while if he declares before the departure his intention not to load his vehicle, he is entitled to a refund of the entire fare. B.4. In case of loss of the vehicle transport receipt, the price will not be refunded. B.5. Vehicle passengers are required to disembark before boarding the ship. B.6. It is forbidden to transport explosive, incendiary, flammable and generally dangerous materials. B.7. The order of priority for loading vehicles is determined by the Port Regulations of each Port Authority, in the area of ​​which the loading takes place.

Pet Transportation Terms

C1. A small pet is considered to have a body weight of up to 5 kg, a medium weight of 5-15 kg and a large animal with a body weight of more than 15 kg. C2. According to article 13 par. 3 of 101/95, all animals must have been vaccinated with appropriate vaccines. It is clarified that their vaccination certificate must be shown to the ship’s personnel.

It is noted that the vaccination certificate from 4-07-2004 is replaced by the passport of “Pets”. C3. According to article 13 par. 2 of 101/95, from the obligation to stay in the special areas are excluded:

1. Specially trained animals, mainly dogs that help people with disabilities. These animals must, of course, have the relevant certificates.

2. Small pets that usually live with humans (mainly cats, small dogs) as long as they are transported with special crates or cages, have a muzzle and are vaccinated with the appropriate vaccines (must be proven by the relevant certificates brought together by their owners).These animals must remain inside the ship and inside their cages, however in the case in which the passengers in the cabin do not want the pet to stay with them or there is increased passenger traffic then, the small pet may not be stay inside the ship, only outdoors.

Large pets:

  • They must have a muzzle and of course be suitable
  • They must be vaccinated.
  • They must always be accompanied by their owner (tied up with strap or chain) and only in open deck areas where there are not many passengers so that they are not disturbed or endangered.

Parcel Transport Terms

D1. It is forbidden to load parcels without the presence of the crew. D2. The parcels must be accompanied by the corresponding ticket. D3.The receipt of the parcels shall state the name of the passenger accompanying them or the consignee (in case the parcel travels unaccompanied). D4. In the event that unaccompanied parcels remain on board and are not received by the consignor or consignee, then the company is not obliged to keep them and bears no responsibility for any loss. After all shipping times are completed, the parcels will be removed from the ship.

The above terms do not apply to sailing abroad.

* The above terms apply under the reservation of the application of law 3709/2008 “Rights – Obligations of Passenger Carriers in regular maritime transport and other provisions” (Government Gazette 213A14,10,2008)”