Policy statement of Lafasi Marine Company on issues of Environmental Management

The current policy refers to all vessels which operate according to the requirements of ISM code and the International Convention For Prevention of Pollution from ships -Marpol 73/78 Annex V- of the Lafasi Marine Company which from now will be referred as Company.The company is aware of its responsibilities in this sector and it guarantees its commitment on issues of protection of the environment and it establishes that all work done by the personnel in the offices or on board ships will confirm the effort on the following:

  • The recognition of the environmental management as one of the highest corporal priorities so as to manage to adopt practical and environmentally accepted function
  • The effort to improve the practices of the company for the environmental performance by taking into account the current legislation, the rules of the industry, the technique and the technical developments, the needs of the consumers and the expectations of the community.
  • The effort of volunteer steps whenever this is possible so as to improve the current environmental model
  • The promotion of education and motives so as the personnel would accomplish their tasks in an environmentally responsible way.
  • The concern of designing and operating the vessels by taking into account the effective use of energy and materials and creation of waste and the safe and responsible disposal of the remaining residues
  • The development of fire control plans for emergencies in collaboration with the emergency services for dealing emergencies, the relevant authorities and the community in accordance with the current legislation and the good practice.
  • The promotion of adopting practices from the suppliers and the contractors who work for the company by encouraging them and demanding whenever this is necessary to improve their practices so as to be in accordance with the ones of the company.
  • The promotion and the encouragement of the dialogue with the personnel, the relevant authorities and the people by expecting and complying with the concerns of possible environmental risks and consequences from the operation of the company.
  • The conduction of regular inspections with the requirements of the company, the law, the relevant authorities and notifying the results internal and external wherever it is demanded by the standards of the current legislation.

Carry out regular audits with the requirements of the company, the law and the present authorities and notify the results internally and externally where required under applicable law.