What to see: The castle of Neratzia, the Archaeological Museum, the plane tree of Hippocrates, the Asclepieion, the castle of Antimacheia, the temple of Apollo in Kardamena, the island “Kastri” in Kefalos, Zia, Therma, the countless beaches each with its own character and much more.

What to eat: You should definitely try the pitaridia that are lasagna that are boiled with meat broth and have meat (goat) and are usually served at the island’s festivals and celebrations. Also try katimeria, dolmadakia in vine leaves, wine cheese and oatmeal. Kos is also famous for its honey, olive oil and wines.

Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes and Karpathos and the second most populous after Rhodes. It is located in the southeastern Aegean, about half an hour away from Alikarnassos  (Turkey’s Bodrum), 3 hours away from Rhodes and about 10 hours away from Piraeus.

Kos is an island with a long history from antiquity and the time of Hercules until recent years where it has passed into the possession of several different people such as the Ottomans, Germans and Italians. The marks left by these people are still visible today.

The capital is named after the island and is the largest port. The imposing castle of Neratzia, which is in excellent condition, is the emblem of the city and does not go unnoticed. Next to the castle, the picturesque port enchants every visitor and is full of life during the summer months. In the port there are many small and large ships that travel to the surrounding islands, the famous beaches of the island and the Bodrum of Turkey (Alikarnassos).

Kos is also the island of Hippocrates, the father of Medicine who was born in Kos and under the shade of a plane tree that took his name he taught medicine to his students. The plane tree, which is about 12 meters long, still exists and is in good condition. Next to the plane tree there is a small enchanting bridge which leads to the entrance of the castle of Neratzia.

It is also worth touring the picturesque alleys of the city where you can buy various souvenirs and local products in the market but also taste traditional dishes in the restaurants and taverns of the area. From early in the afternoon you can enjoy a drink or cocktail in the separate bars in the alleys and the port.

However, as we mentioned, Kos is a large island and in addition to the capital it has other small villages which you should definitely see such as Kardamena, Antimacheia, Mastichari, Tigaki, Kefalos and others. There are countless beaches on the island, completely different from each other, and if you don’t discover them, you won’t be able to feel their beauty and uniqueness. The only sure thing is that if you decide to travel to Kos, Kos will take you on a journey!