Leros, an island full of history, with the biggest natural port in the Mediterranean

Leros island is part of the Dodecanese and is located close to Kalymnos. It is also a few miles away from Patmos.

The capital of the island is Platanos which is at the east side. Agia Marina is the second harbor. In the capital there are a lot of traditional single-storeyed and two-story houses, and between them many stately homes, close to each other, creating narrow picturesque alleys, challenging you to wander them. The majority of the social activities happen at Agia Marina and Lakki, which are located at the center of the island and are connected via the main road axis.

Many small islands are scattered around Leros like Ag. Sunday and Pianousa opposite Panteli, the Archangel to the north and the Glaronisia with the Leros island between Leros and Kalymnos.


Despite the “stigma” that the island acquired with the creation of the psychiatric hospital and the prisoners of the dictatorship, it is a place of natural beauty, ideal for holidays.

The first traces of inhabitation on the island were found in Partheni and Gourna and belong to the Neolithic Age (4th millennium BC). Thucydides emphasized the importance of the bays and harbors of Leros during the Peloponnesian War (431 – 404 BC), in which Leros supported the Athenians. On the island also is the famous sanctuary of the Goddess Artemis.

Leros has small hills, creeks with the bay of Lakios, which is the largest natural harbor in the eastern Mediterranean. There, in 1932 the Italians created their main shipyard in the Dodecanese.


Organized beaches can be found in Alinda, Panteli, Vromolithos, Gourna, Xerokampos, Blefouti and Two Lissaria. Most have sand or pebbles. Other small beaches you will find towards Tourkopigado and Vourlidia opposite Panteli. The road after Merkies to the harbor of the harbor will lead you to innumerable small bays and secluded beaches. For all those who love fishing and diving, Leros is the right island. The beaches of Leros, apart from swimming, are also offered for water sports: skiing, windsurfing, diving, and even jet skiing.

In Leros you can find hotels, rooms, studios, furnished apartments and a camping site. In Leros you will find Cinema, playgrounds, soccer and basketball courts, bowling, water sports, museums and libraries.

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